Do You Know How to Promote Your Small Business, Effectively and Cleverly, for FREE ?

Reaching and retaining customers has often caused headaches for small business owners. It’s true that hiring an online marketing company can sometimes exceed the limits of your promotional budget. Fortunately, there are several marketing practices that you can leverage at low to no cost. This article is designed to serve as a lifeboat for entrepreneurs like you.

Promotion requires ongoing efforts. There is no end to the cycle of attracting and retaining customers, especially for local businesses with a limited customer base. Plus, to achieve better profit margins, most either strive to increase sales or decrease costs. How about doing both? Grab your pen and take notes on tips to boost your market presence at low to no cost.

To connect with stakeholders…

1. Research your target customers carefully

2. Try to see things from your customers’ point of view

3. Actively engage pre-existing clients through PR, social media and email

4. Attend meetings and events of professional groups like your Chamber of Commerce or MeetUp groups

5. Offer a free, no obligation consultation

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