Web Design: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Hi there! welcome back to my blog. in this post, I would like to share with all of you the highlights of the week. I hope you have time to check out all of them, see the list below:

1. We can’t decide if “Stanky Bean” or “Burble Simp” is funnier.

Ars Technica reports on this AI that invented some new paint colors, with hilarious results. See them all and read about the project here.

2. RIP gumpdrop faces

3. We want to work here.

Designboom reports on this otherwordly office space for DMM in Tokyo, complete with interactive virtual art and more. See more photos here.

4 . Trendolizer, the TweetDeck for Fake News

Having trouble identifying fake news? Well, there may be an app for that. Read about it at Poynter.

5. EyeChart City Posters

Inkwell Studios created this series of regional “eye charts” inspired by the classic Snellen eye chart, but featuring local icons instead of letters. A simple execution, but a great concept. Check ’em out: www.eyechartcity.com

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Minn. House DFL wants more spending for jobs

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota House Democrats pushed ahead Monday on a big spending increase for state programs aimed at creating new jobs.

The centerpiece of the House’s jobs, commerce and housing finance bill is a more than 50-percent boost in spending in the next two years for the Department of Employment and Economic Development. The bill’s author, St. Paul Democratic Rep. Tim Mahoney, said it’s a deliberate effort to foster employment growth by spending more on job training, grants and loans to small businesses, scholarships and apprenticeships, and other economic development programs.

“For the last 10 years, the Legislature has been cutting economic development,” Mahoney said.

House Majority Leader Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, added that the bill includes “all the tools we can get to Minnesota on a better economic footing.”

The House bill calls for $140 million to fund the employment and economic development office for 2014-15, which is $5 million more than Gov. Mark Dayton requested for the agency. In 2012-13, the agency’s state funding was about $83 million. The House bill also would hike spending on affordable housing programs by about $22 million.

Some House Republicans supported the jobs and economic budget when it passed through committee, not a surprise given that it includes multiple small spending hikes on local economic development and job training initiatives. Still, Republican Rep. Steve Drazkowski said the overall bill amounts to government “picking winners and losers” from the ranks of the state’s businesses.

“The bill takes money from hard-working Minnesotans, brings it into government and redistributes it,” said Drazkowski, of Mazeppa.

Among the bill’s elements meant to promote job creation include:

_ A $20 million fund to give financial incentives to out-of-state businesses thinking of locating in Minnesota and in-state companies that want to expand within the state.

_ A separate, $18.5 million state fund to give state grants to businesses if they commit to hiring additional employees and making large investments in capital. The grants aren’t paid until those employment and investment goals are met.

_ A $1.5 million funding boost for the Minnesota Trade Office, which has a mission of helping the state’s businesses tap into overseas markets. The money is meant to help the office open three additional overseas locations on top of an existing office in China.

_ Small funding boosts to several competitive grant programs for nonprofits that offer workforce training, and money for state colleges, employers and the Department of Education to collaborate on local education and training programs.

_ A $450 million reduction in taxes that employers pay into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.

The bill also includes a provision that extends state unemployment insurance benefits for up to three years for workers who are locked out by management in contract disputes, a pertinent discussion after recent high-profile lockouts at American Crystal Sugar and both Twin Cities professional orchestras. House members approved amendments to exempt locked-out professional athletes and people who earn more than $150,000 a year from being eligible for those benefits.

Source: startribune.com

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Minneapolis News: Georgia file connects Twin Cities charter school, fraud scheme

When the news broke last summer that charter school entrepreneur Eric Mahmoud had entered a guilty plea to a mortgage fraud charge in Georgia, Mahmoud had a ready comeback for the Minneapolis school district, under whose authorization he was opening another charter school.

“I assure you that this was a personal, residential matter in Georgia and had nothing to do with Seed Daycare, Harvest Prep or any other educational institution,” Mahmoud told Sara Paul, the district’s liaison with charter schools, in an Aug. 16 e-mail.

In that case, Mahmoud has some explaining to do.

According to an investigative file compiled by Georgia authorities, there are at least two connections involving the school with the deal.

First, one participant in the real estate deal that led to the charges against Mahmoud told Gwinnett County police investigators that he met twice with Mahmoud in his office, weeks before the fraudulent deal was to close. The purpose was for the purported buyer to supply financial data for the deal. When that buyer noticed that the loan information on a completed application was misleading, the man told investigators, Mahmoud and his associate assured him that the deal was legal.

The second school connection is even more explicit.  Days before the planned closing, a letter was sent on Seed Academy and Harvest Preparatory School  letterhead. The letter presents a demand for payment of $350,000 to Mahmoud from the planned real estate closing.  The letter over the signature of Aretta-Rie Johnson said that she had been retained by Mahmoud to make the payment demand.

Johnson said that she has no specific recollection of the letter but that she worked for Mahmoud’s school during that school year on contract. “When you’re an administrative person, you just do what people tell you to do,” she said. She has also served on Mahmoud’s Seed, which provides services for the schools.

Mahmoud said he would not comment on the evidence. There is no evidence that his schools stood to profit from the attempted deal.

The Minnesota Department of Education said through chief of staff Charlene Briner:: “It appears the state cannot prohibit a public school from hiring an individual with a criminal background, nor can the state be considered responsible for criminal activity that may take place in a school, particularly when that criminal conduct is not related to educational matters. “

“That said, the use of school letterhead and the fact that a school employee was involved with, or asked to facilitate a transaction appears to warrant further review.  MDE is assessing the need, if any, for additional action based upon this information.”

Source: startribune.com

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Minneapolis Quick News: Twin Cities could see 10 inches of fresh snow by morning

The one-two winter punch that socked the Twin Cities could leave up to 10 inches of snow before moving on Tuesday, but impending spring may soften the blow.

Aided by advance salting and relatively mild temperatures, road crews aimed to keep up with the snowfall by working through the night and into daylight.

“With warmer temperatures and the sun out longer during the day, this should be one of the easier events,” said Todd Howard, assistant Dakota County engineer.

Nonetheless, messy road conditions prompted some school closings and late starts in outstate areas and likely will turn metro commutes into a slog.

Minneapolis street maintenance supervisor Mike Kennedy wasn’t about to say whether the city would call a snow parking emergency. March, with its warming temperatures, can make that a difficult call.

“We’ll just watch the snow and see what happens,” he said Monday.

Daily high temperatures are expected to climb from around freezing Tuesday to near 40 over the weekend, but nighttime lows will fall into the low teens Tuesday and Wednesday and remain below freezing through the weekend.

A pair of low-pressure centers brought the overnight snow. But instead of working like the fast-moving Alberta Clipper storms of recent weeks, the lows were bogged down, with one slowing the other down “like an anchor,” said National Weather Service Twin Cities meteorologist Tony Zaleski.

Snowfall amounts across most of Minnesota on Monday were relatively modest, with 5 inches at St. James being the tops. The official Twin Cities total was 1.4 inches. Monday evening the weather service was still predicting a two-day total of 7 to 10 inches for the metro area and 8 to 12 inches for much of southeastern Minnesota. Late Monday, the National Weather Service posted a winter storm warning from northwestern Minnesota all the way southeast to Ohio.

Tuesday’s expected snowfall should push the Twin Cities’ seasonal snowfall above normal. Precipitation since Jan. 1 is 22 percent above normal, Zaleski noted.

“I don’t think anybody was thinking we were going to be above normal as recently as two to three weeks ago,” he said.

Moisture in the snow, and even the snow expected Tuesday, wasn’t enough to boost the long-term outlooks for flooding along the state’s rivers, said Jim Kaiser, Weather Service meteorologist in Grand Forks.

At the same time, soil temperatures below freezing may prevent much of the moisture in the snow from melting into the soils below. In much of Minnesota, particularly the southwest and northwest, a fall and early-winter drought left those soils at near historic dry levels, according to state climatologist Greg Spoden.

Across southern Minnesota, early-winter rains froze into an impermeable cap over dry soils beneath, which will most likely lock out any snowmelt.

The net result is that drought relief from the snow is unlikely in the dry regions.

Spodin said that even flooding won’t alleviate a drought.

Delta Air Lines said Monday it was waiving fees for one-time changes in travel plans for passengers using the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and others in the Upper Midwest on Monday and Tuesday. The other airports include Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot,Williston, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Sioux Falls.

Source: startribune.com – Daily Quick Blog

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Minnesotans continue to pursue gun permits in record numbers

(startribune.com) – Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole has drawn a line in the sand over President Obama’s package of gun-control measures to be unveiled Wednesday: If the rules don’t pass Cole’s constitutional muster, he won’t comply.

In a politically charged pre-emptive strike against a set of legislative initiatives and executive orders that have already unleashed heated debate, Cole asserted Tuesday in a letter to his constituents that current state gun laws are sufficient while respecting the right to bear arms “which … I believe is fundamental to our individual freedom.”

Neither the federal government, nor any federal official, can dictate mandates to state and local governments that violate the U.S. Constitution, he wrote, concluding: “I would view any such mandate, regulation or administrative rule as illegal and refuse to carry it out.”

Elsewhere in the state, Minnesotans continue to pursue gun permits in record numbers as possible new regulations loom.

Conceal-and-carry applications in Hennepin County during the first two weeks of the year have more than doubled from a year ago, the Sheriff’s Office reported Tuesday. Anoka County on Monday had its third record day for applicants within the past month. And the Stearns County sheriff says his office is processing more gun applications than ever.

“The stacks [of applications] needing my signature has doubled,” said Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner. Asked whether the number of applications have broken county records, Sanner replied, “Probably every day.”

Gun permit applications surged nationwide immediately following last month’s Connecticut school massacre that claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults. Explanations for what has triggered the latest surge in applications range from anticipating new federal restrictions to the need to renew permits about to expire.

In Ramsey County, the demand for permit-to-carry applications has more than doubled so far this year compared with a year ago. Ramsey County had 144 permit-to-carry applications from Jan. 1 through Tuesday, up from 69 in the first two weeks of 2012. In 2011, over the same period, there were 41 applicants.

The increase in Hennepin County is even more dramatic. On Monday, there were 67 conceal-and-carry applications — well above the county’s daily average of 20 to 30. From Jan. 1 to Monday, Hennepin County had 307 permit applications — far more than twice the 136 over the same two-week period of a year ago.

Legal battle looms

Cole’s letter could presage a legal battle, said Joe Olson, a law professor at Hamline University School of Law and an authority on gun rights issues. Under a 1997 U.S. Supreme Court ruling stemming from the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, local sheriffs are not required to act as agents on behalf of the federal government, he said.

Cole, Olson said, “is completely free to say he won’t do that.” If he refuses to comply with a regulation, an ensuing lawsuit would determine whether he was in the right.

But at least one gun-control advocate was angered by Cole’s threat.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Joan Peterson, whose sister was murdered and who is now a spokeswoman for the advocacy group Protect Minnesota: Working to End Gun Violence.

“After the Sandy Hook shootings, everything changed in this country. If we cannot come up with reasonable measures to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and AR-15s out of classrooms, then who are we as a country?”


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Softs Market Review for Sept 19, 2012


First Notice:  Dec: 16Nov

Options Last Trade: Nov: 05Oct; Dec: 02Nov
Dec Support/Resistance:
2833 Oct 2011 high.
2757: +2 STD above the 21-day moving average
2705: 07Sep high.
2600: Late Jan12 peaking action
2590: Inflection level dating to 8/28.
2557: 21-day moving average
2501: 13Aug high
2366: 24Aug low.
2357: -2STD below the 21-day moving average.
2357: Rising trend line from 04June lows.
2322: 200-day moving average.

2035 area: Major support. Horizontal trend line. 12/12/11 low and 6/1 and 6/4 low.
Comment: As we noted last week, the rising 21-day moving average offered support to yesterday’s decline. However, additional weakness resulted in this level and the 2590 inflection level failing to hold the Cocoa up.
Trend, momentum, ROC and RSI all distinctly point to likely lower action. However, the Volume and Open interest seem to peaking as well. This may indicate Cocoa is coming to the end of this phase of the bull run and may be setting up for additional higher action. Watch the action if our RSI shows bottoming action.
Seasonal Snapshot:  All three patterns are in a negative pattern until 19Sep.

First Notice: Dec:21Nov

Options Last Trade:  Nov: 12Oct; Dec: 09Nov
Dec Support/Resistance: Profit-taking was blamed for today’s sell off.
194.85: 11July high.
193.65: 200-day moving average.
191.95: 19July settlement (recent settlement high)
182.05: +2STD above the 21-day moving average.
168.30: 21-day moving average
156.55: 06Sep low.
154.60: -2STD below 21-day moving average
Comment: Yesterday, the rising +2STD Bollinger Band capped the recent rise. Additionally with the failure to make new highs and then settling materially lower, we see the market was Overbought, and we may see some consolidation at these lower levels. With no extension lower, this market sets up for another push higher.
Watch the rising 21-day moving average, which aligns with the previous set of highs before last week’s charge higher for support. If the market falls to and holds there, this gives further evidence the Coffee is poising for another leg higher.
Hedging for delivery is likely to be a cash intensive business unless some sort of long option strategy is implemented. Call or email us for information on how to implement.
Seasonal Snapshot: All 3 patterns head generally higher until month end.
First Notice: Oct: 24Sep; Dec: 26Nov
Options Last Trade: Oct: 14Sep; Nov: 19Oct; Dec: 09Nov
Dec Support/Resistance (Dec):
83.04: Dec 2011 low: old support/new resistance?
82.12: 200-day moving average.
77.89: +2STD above 21-day moving average.
78.70: Rising trend line from the 19June high through 09Aug & 21Aug highs.   Forms the upper boundary of a rising wedge.
77.00-77.25: Resistance range that has held since 8/9.
75.80: 21-day moving average.
75.07: Rising Trend line drawn from the 6/4 low through the 6/28 low. Forms the lower boundary of a rising wedge.
73.70: -2STD below the 21-day moving average.
Comment:  Cotton rallied modestly, seemingly in the face of bearish commodity pressure AND the effects of yesterday’s Crop progress improvement. One comment that tried to nail it down was the possibility of Chinese purchases for their reserves. Other than the Middle East (Egyptian cotton) turmoil and a story about Louis Dreyfus losing one of their top cotton traders, we don’t see any other pipeline issues that would materially add a bid this market.
This markets technicals are a mixed bag. Trend and Momentum are still falling, but there is a negative shift on. RSI has risen from recent Oversold levels and is now above 50 and rising. Today’s Volume does not validate the move as it dropped.
With the exception of a brief period probing below, the Dec contract is back inside rising trend line support from the 04June lows. The case could be made for this rising trend line to form the lower boundary of a rising wedge. Bearish confirmation is needed soon, but this would project a substantial move lower. Perhaps by 20 or more cents to the low 50’s

Overhead resistance lies at the upper boundary of the rising wedge (78.70).

Seasonal Snapshot:  All three patterns are in generally higher biases going into topping action in late September.


First Notice: Oct: 01Oct; Mar: 01Mar
Options Last Trade: Oct: 17Sep; Nov: 15Oct; Dec: 15Nov
Oct Support/Resistance:
24.00: 23July high
22.09: 200-day moving average.
20.70: 20Aug high.
20.36: +2STD above 21-day moving average
20.50: Old resistance & where Sugar fell to & bounced for a short time in early May
19.65: 21-day moving average.
19.24: 04June low
18.94: -2 STD below 21-day moving average.
18.81: 06Sep low.
16.88: Nov 2010 low.
Comment:  Today’s material negative action seems to have negated our view of a possible inverse Head & Shoulders formation. At this juncture, it appears a failure to head higher leaves us with 2 of the last 3 sessions with significant negative action on materially higher volume days. This points to a shift toward lower action ahead. Trend seems to have just topped. Momentum seems to have peaked in its acceleration and RSI is now falling and NOT Overbought. If Energies stay under pressure, look for more negative bias.
 Support remains at the -2STD below the 21-day moving average.
Seasonal Snapshot: All three patterns are in a modest downward bias until mid Sep.

Softs Review on Feb 10th

The new high price of 254.05 was established on what was thought to have been buying by funds in NY coffee. This lifted coffee prices as KCH heads into option expiration today and while prices have eased a bit this morning, the potential for fireworks remains. I am standing aside till Monday. Cotton and Sugar remain quite volatile, even in lieu of recent rule changes by ICE made in an effort to tone down the severe price action. Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box…

At first on Wednesday Cotton prices responded in a sideways to lower fashion once the USDA crop numbers were reported. As the day wore on however, cotton prices jumped, resulting in new contract highs among several months. This morning cotton prices are adding to those gains and my earlier prediction that cotton values will seek $2.00 is now just around the corner. Friday brings option expiration for March. What has been most interesting to see has been the strength shown by next year’s crop.

Coffee option expiration will dominate action today. Will we see the 245 strike visited? The 255 strike perhaps? Or maybe, just maybe the 260? Or will things settle down right in the middle at 250? Regardless, be ready for some fireworks. Personally, I suspect to see a shot at the 245, but who knows? Anything can happen and often does. Or will it be 260? Stay tuned.

Sugar prices move around every day in wild fashion. I cannot make sense of some of these moves and attribute them to computers trading on their own. I think ultimately the fundamentals will take hold, but for now, look for more wild days ahead.

I favor the long side of Cocoa, as I do all the soft markets. Holding long July call spreads and will seek to add on dips. Looking for a close over 3300 to stimulate things, but the upside won’t heat up until either fresh news comes out of Ivory coast, or technically, we close above 3335 in CCH.

Jurgens H. Bauer, Softs Guru

Soft Review on December 20th

By Jurgens H. Bauer

As the year of 2010 comes to an end I am of the opinion that we haven’t seen anything yet. Sure Cotton, Sugar and Coffee have had huge moves up this year, but I expect even more fireworks in 2011. Coffee broke into new high ground on Friday, and Sugar took off with another big gain, Cotton (at least the March contract) moved limit, and all look prepared for another boost upward. Coffee could pop to $2.50-$3.00, even though my objective of $2.30 is now within easy reach, I think it entirely possible we could see $2.50 soon, maybe even this week.  In Cotton, the March/May spread suggests that demand is still great right now. Physical cotton is needed and needed sooner than later. So too sugar, whose weekly chart has me thinking that a much bigger move remains in the cards. And Cocoa, which I perceive as being undervalued in the complex, may be providing a superior buying opportunity with its recent pullback as reaction to Ivory Coast tensions are predicted to behave.

The downside will come (and I believe it will be vicious when it does), but that time is not now. Now looks to me like a time for bull markets. All in all it has been a big year of gains with several records established in 2010.Yet, I am willing to bet we haven’t seen the end of higher prices among the soft complex and feel 2011 may be another big plus year.

For this holiday shortened week, covered calls may be a worthwhile strategy. Certainly outright call options may appeal for the limited risk factor, but premiums are expensive and costly for a reason. Volatility is a measure of the market’s predictability and while I may predict higher prices on the horizon, attracting a willing seller comes at a larger price. Call spreads may be another choice, but with volatility so high and semi-vacation time with the holidays over the next couple of weeks, selling covered calls is my preference. Since selling covered calls is akin to selling synthetic puts, those with lower risk tolerance levels ought to consider buying downside puts as coverage. Just remember, they aren’t cheap and tend to get hurt by decreasing volatility should prices move down.